The Flatliners

Improv as Actor Training

Missouri Valley College is the only college in the state of Missouri that offers an Improv class every semester. Improv is offered on two different levels, lower division allowing students to develop foundational skills and an advanced course where students learn to apply their skills in performance. Each year auditions for membership into The Flatliners, our improv comedy troupe is held within the courses. With two different faculty members directing the troupe and teaching the courses, you get a strong foundation in the skills needed to perform with improv.

Twice a month the Flatliners perform in our Morris Experimental Theatre on campus to a late night crowd of students and faculty. As one of the most popular events on campus we quite often sell out. With the “long form” style of improv, the Flatliners create an hour long show based on topics brought up at the beginning of the performance. They weave the topics in and out of the show while creating scenes, characters, and conflict on the spot.

Because of their training in improvisation, many of the Flatliners have performed leading and strong character roles in our productions on campus. Their quick thinking and character development have created some memorable performances that have delighted audiences.

Bring the Flatliners to Your High School

The Flatliners are available to visit your high school. We offer workshops in the art of improv and using it to develop characters. We will also perform on your campus while incorporating your students.

For more information, contact Harold Hynick at