Theatre Degree

With many different career options available for a theatre major, the theatre degrees offered by Missouri Valley College will be the first steps on the path toward your career goals.

Bachelor of Arts (BA)
The BA degree is designed for students who want to have a general theatre background rather than an in depth path of study. Many students who earn the BA will also have a second major, minor or a desire to pursue a graduate degree beyond theatre. The BA degree consists of the Theatre Core and six electives for a total of 48 credit hours.

BA Four-Year Plan

Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA)
Our BFA curriculum is a flexible plan based on the Theatre Core and a Menu of Advanced Courses that round out your educational desires. This flexibility of the menu permits you to cater your education toward the direction you foresee as a career path, while still providing the solid foundation of theatre training. The BFA degree requires the completion of the Theatre Core, Twenty Seven hours of electives, and an Internship for a total of 70 credit hours.

BFA Four-Year Plan

Our minor consists of 18 hours of any Theatre courses; nine hours must be above the 300 level. The minor is designed to help fill out other degrees on campus and permit you to focus on the courses you want and see relevant to your career options. Enroll in the courses you want to take.