Fine Arts Division - Preformance Opportunities

Each year the Division of Fine Arts offers a production season that consists of musicals, plays, choral music shows, music concerts, dance concerts, and student music recitals. All interested students are invited to participate.

Requirements for production involvement:

  • Must maintain a 2.0 cumulative GPA
  • Must have a 2.0 GPA during previous semester

The Flatliners (MVC’s own Improvisational Comedy Troupe) were founded in 2001 and ever since, their performances have been a favorite of Valley’s theatrical offerings. The students involved put on a monthly formatted improvisation show for the campus and community. The performances are on Friday nights at 10:00 PM. Scholarships are available to qualified students. If you are interested in participating in “The Flatliners,” booking the group to perform, or would just like more information contact Professor Wade Hughes (660) 831-4147 (Director)

The MVC Choirs offer a variety of vocal opportunities for students. There are three choral groups for students to participate in: Valley Connection show choir, MVC Gospel Singers, and MVC Concert Choir. Each choral group has their own diverse style and are open to all interested students. Small ensemble and solo work are also offered within the choirs. The groups present annual Christmas and Spring Shows. Valley Connection and Gospel Singers present numerous tour performances throughout the school year. Scholarships are available to qualified students. For more information contact Professor Diana Malan (660) 831-4215 (Director)

MVC Instrumental MVC”s instrumental music department consists of a Drum Line/Pep Band that meets the first eight weeks of second semester, and performs at home football games. The department also includes a Brass and Woodwind Ensemble that meets first and second semester. The band department includes a full Jazz Ensemble that meets all year long. Students also have the opportunity to take private lessons . Numerous scholarships are available to students who would like to be involved with the band department at MVC Ron Montgomery (660) 831-4222 (Director).

The Missouri Valley College Repertory Dance Ensemble provides performance, choreographic and pre-production opportunities for our students throughout the year. The ensemble's broad repertory consists of modern, jazz, ballet, tap, hip-hop and ethnic dance works. Collaborations with musicians,  guest artists and  community members provides students with excellent pre-professional dance experience. Scholarships are available to qualified students.  For information on upcoming performances see the Production Calendar. For more information please contact Professor Janie Morgan (660) 831-4050 (Artistic Director and Choreographer)

MET (Morris Experimental Theatre) is designed for student directing and acting projects. Throughout the school year one act plays, original plays, and student generated projects are presented in the space. The studio is open to all interested students. For more information contact Professor Wade Hughes (660) 831-4147 (Manager)