Music Department - Music Education (Choral)

BS Music Education - Choral certification: 49 total hours

The Music Education (choral) major is designed for students who want to teach public school music. In addition to the required music courses, students must complete the professional education courses listed in the college catalog.

  • All Music Education students must pass a piano proficiency exam.
  • Choral students may obtain an instrumental certificate by taking an additional 14 hours in the instrumental certification area.
MU 110 Class Piano I Fall 1
MU 111 Class Piano II Spring 1
MU 140: Voice Applied Lessons (6 total hrs.)
(vocal concentration)
Fall/Spring 1
MU 170: Concert Choir Ensemble Work (6 total hrs)
**majors must participate in a music ensemble every semester
Fall/Spring 1
MU 250 Music Theory I Spring 3
MU 251 Music Theory II Fall 3
MU 252 Aural Training I
(taken with MU 250)
Spring 1
MU 253 Aural Training II
(taken with MU 251)
Fall 1
MU 320 Music Theory III Spring 3
MU 321 Music Theory IV Fall 3
MU 350 Conducting I Fall even 2
MU 352 Conducting II Spring even 2
MU 360 Choral Techniques Fall even 2
MU 362 Choral Literature Spring even 2
MU 370 Music History I Fall odd 3
MU 371 Music History II Spring odd 3
MU 385 Choral Arranging Spring odd 2
MU 450 Senior Assessment Spring 1
MU 460 Methods for Teaching Elem Sch Music Fall 2
MU 461 Methods for Teaching Mid/Sec Sch Music Fall 2