Division of Fine Arts

Music - Scholarships & Auditions

Whether you are planning to major or minor in Music, or whether you plan to major in another area but want to continue using your musical talents, you can qualify to receive a Fine Arts Scholarship in vocal or instrumental music. We welcome your audition and would like the opportunity to make you a scholarship offer.

To qualify for a Fine Arts Scholarship in vocal or instrumental music you will need to:

  • Submit a letter of recommendation from your high school or private music teacher
  • Fill out an online MVC Application and Music Questionnaire
  • Perform a vocal or instrumental selection which best demonstrates your musical abilities and interests. While we prefer an on campus audition, we will accept an audio or video recording if you are unable to come for a campus audition.

Get the process started today:
Step One: submit an online MVC Application
Step Two: submit an online Music Questionnaire
Step Three: schedule an audition date or submit an audio/video recording

For further information or to schedule an audition please contact:

Ryan Hampton
Assistant Professor of Vocal Music
(660) 831-4021
Web Page