Music Department - General Music major

BA General Music: 40 total hours

The General Music major is designed for students who want to focus on **performance, graduate school, or who want to combine this major with a second major or minor.

**students wanting to focus on performance should take applied lessons in their primary area (vocal or instrumental) every semester.

MU 110 Piano Proficiency I Fall 1
MU 111 Piano Proficiency II Spring 1
MU 140
MU 145
MU 146
MU 147
Applied Lessons (4 total hrs.)
must concentrate in one area (vocal or instrumental)
Fall/Spring 1
MU 170
MU 178
Ensemble Work (4 total hrs)
majors must participate in a music ensemble every semester
Fall/Spring 1
MU 250 Music Theory I Fall 3
MU 251 Music Theory II Spring 3
MU 320 Music Theory III Fall 3
MU 321 Music Theory IV Spring 3
MU 252 Aural Training I
(taken with MU 250)
Fall 1
MU 253 Aural Training II
(taken with MU 251)
Spring 1
MU 350 Conducting I Fall even 2
MU 351 Music Composition Spring even 3
MU 370 Music History I Fall odd 3
MU 371 Music History II Spring odd 3
MU 300/400 Upper Division hours (5 total hrs)
approved by advisor
Fall/Spring 5