Fine Arts Division - Juries & Critiques

Student Juries will take place in March (the week prior to Spring Break)

All students pursuing degrees in The Division of Fine Arts are required to participate in yearly Student Juries. This is an opportunity for students to review their artistic background reflecting on what you’ve gained/learned through each experience. There is no grade or credit involved in the Student Jury/critique process – it is, however, part of your required student assessment process which must be completed for approval of graduation. It is an opportunity to get feedback from your faculty, to set goals for yourself, and to learn more about where you are in your development.

Visual Art students will have for review:

  • 10 works from class assignments or self-generated projects that fit into their style and thematic conceptual body of work
  • Resume
  • An artist statement
  • A sketchbook

Dance Juries will consist of:

  • Audition (one minute solo) at least two of the 4 juries need to be student choreographed solos.
  • Portfolio review
  • Panel Interview

Juries for students in musical theatre, performance, sp/theatre education, and general theatre will consist of :

  • Audition
    • **The audition should be:
    • Portfolio review
    • Panel interview

Juries for students in tech theatre will consist of an interview process which entails:

  • Making a presentation of your professional technical portfolio
  • While not mandatory, PowerPoint presentations are encouraged

All students should dress appropriately for the interview process. Professional business casual attire is recommended.

For application and scholarship information please contact:

Admissions Office
(660) 831-4097