Fine Art Division - The Code

The faculty of the Division of Fine Arts wishes to instill the highest level of discipline and professionalism in future artists.

In that spirit, we have adopted the following:


  • I will honor my personal creativity by expressing myself to the greatest ability.
  • I am an integral part of the creative process and will function as an inventive collaborator. There is a time to give creative input and a time to take notes. I will learn the difference.
  • I will take direction and constructive criticism from my director, teacher, or supervisor in the spirit they are given, knowing they serve to help me become a more powerful presence on stage or in the classroom.
  • I will be emotionally ready and physically prepared to work when rehearsal, work call, or class begins.
  • I will bring solutions, not problems to every rehearsal, work call, and class project.

Performing Art:

  • I will make no changes in costume, blocking, or any production aspect without proper permission from the director, musical director, choreographer, or designer.
  • I will treat all production elements (sets, lights, sound devices, costumes, and props) with respect and care, knowing that someone worked hard to design or build them. I will touch no prop or costume piece that does not belong to me. No eating, drinking, or smoking in costumes.
  • I will never direct a fellow actor. Give no advice where none is asked for.
  • I will endeavor to contribute to the sense of ensemble in my company.
  • Out of respect for the space, I will not bring food or drink into the theatre or front of house. Eating and drinking is allowed in the green room or office area only. Bottled water is allowed in the wings.
  • An actor endeavors to create an illusion on stage; therefore I will not destroy that illusion by appearing offstage to the public in costume or makeup.

Visual Art:

  • I will be an engaged artist
  • I will honor my creativity and give it an expression.
  • I will respect my reasonability as an artist in the larger community.
  • I will give constructive criticism during critiques. I will not use mean, hateful, or unwarranted comments to my fellow artists.
  • Love the art in yourself and not yourself in the art.

Remember: there are no small parts, only small actors.

Never come into the theatre with mud on your feet. Leave your dust and dirt outside. Check your little worries, squabbles, petty difficulties with your outside clothing -- all the things that ruin your life and draw your attention away from your art -- at the door.

-Konstantin Stanislavski