Art Degree Concentrations

BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts)
A BFA is a standard undergraduate degree for students seeking a professional education in the visual or performing arts and requires an area of specialty.

Emphasis areas:

  • Studio Art - 60 total hours of art courses
  • Graphic Design - 60 total hours of art courses

BA/BS Art Education (Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science)
This degree is designed for students wanting to pursue teaching as a career.

Emphasis area:

  • Art Education Certificate (k-12) - 80 hours

BA/BS (Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science)
The BA in Visual Art is designed for students who want a broad liberal arts education or who want to double major with another area.

Emphasis area:

  • Visual Art - 45 total hours of art courses

Minor: Art
21 hours of Art curriculum above AR 100, including at least 9 hours of upper division credit.

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