Financial Literacy

Get to Know Yourself

There's always room to learn more! Get to know yourself at the following links that reveal you're in great shape, or let you know there's room for improvement.

Mapping Your Future - Decide how much you can borrow. Are your plans for the future possible?

Money Fitness Quiz - Determine if you are financially fit.

Financial Danger Quiz - If any of these warning signs apply to you, it's time for you to stop and seriously think about your financial situation.

If at First You Don't Succeed - Common mistakes young adults make with money and how to avoid them.

Teaching Your College-Age Child About Money - 360 of Financial Literacy.

Gambling - It's estimated that 80% of college students have engaged in gambling in the past year. Close to 20% report gambling on a weekly basis and 5% have a true gambling problem. Do you?

Eating Healthy on a Budget - Even with all the new choices in front of you, you can stay in control and within your budget when it comes to eating at college. Don't miss "Eating Healthy Snacks" and "Quick Recipes Beyond Ramen."

Good Eats - Quick & easy foods for busy college students.