NAIA Fee Waiver Confirmation Request Form

Please use the form below to request confirmation of your fee waiver eligibility and have this information sent to the NAIA Eligibility Center. Please note, Missouri Valley College is only responsible for providing fee waiver eligibility confirmation for incoming transfer students.

You must complete the NAIA Eligibility Center registration and select the fee waiver payment option before we can submit an eligibiltiy confirmation.

Students interested in fee and payment information or fee waiver requirements should visit

First Name:
Last Name:
MVC Student ID:
Which athletic program are you associated with?
If more than one, please select the program with earliest competitive season during the academic year. For example, if you participate in basketball and baseball, the basketball season begins before the baseball season, so you would select basketball.
NAIA Eligibility Center Identification Number:
Have you received your 2013-14 financial aid award?
(Contact the Financial Aid office if you
have not received your award letter.)
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Amount of your 2013-14 Pell Grant award: