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Education Division

Welcome to the Division of Education!

Our program is anchored to current research, pedagogy, and best practices. Embedded is the belief that pre-service teachers can be nurtured, prepared, and challenged to be caring, reflective, and competent professionals. Coursework at Missouri Valley College is guided by a constructivist theory that students learn from their own experiences and through competent, well-prepared teachers, student coursework includes hand-on experiences within classrooms, discussions, presentations, group work, and unit/lesson planning assessments.

Faculty members working within the Education Division at Missouri Valley College are highly qualified and committed to student success. All facutly members have completed a minimum of a Master's Degree, with several professors having completed a Doctoral Degree program. Most professors have previously taught, been principals, or have been superintendents within public school systems.

Below you will find the degree and certification areas currently offered at Missouri Valley College. Professor contact information and links that may be of interest are located to the right. Please feel free to contact the Education Division (660-831-4022) with any questions that you might have. We look forward to helping you reach your fullest potential as a future educator!

Valley will roll!

Dr. Earl Wellborn
Dean, Division of Education