MVC Dining Services Work & Learn Program

Approximately 75 Work Study students are assigned to the Café each year. Each student must work six hours per week in order to fulfill the requirements for enrollment in the Missouri Valley College Work Study Program.

Pedestal Foods hopes to help prepare these students for their future career, regardless of their chosen path of study. Students will exercise customer service skills, learn to work as part of a team, and be held accountable for being at work on time when scheduled or having any absences properly excused. We value our Work Study students and hope each student benefits from their participation in the program. See below for the Work Study Guidelines to know exactly what is expected of Café work studies.

Work Study Guidelines

We expect all WS to come to work ready to work and to be considerate and respectful of others. We understand everyone is busy with school & other activities and you will find we are very willing to accommodate your schedule as far as our business allows. We hope for this to be a win-win situation for both the student and Pedestal Foods: we hope you gain some useful experience and are successful in completing your Work Study Program!

  • Pedestal Foods shirts must be worn when working.
  • Each student will be issued t-shirts that he or she will be responsible for throughout the semester. Students will be charged for t-shirts not turned back in at the end of the semester.
  • Only close-toed shoes may be worn—You will not be allowed to work in sandals.
  • WS are to work at scheduled times ONLY, unless approved by a manager.

Excessive absences will result in a meeting to determine your future in the program.

Excessive absences are grounds for dismissal from program.

Job descriptions will be posted that outline duties for each position.

Students may not eat while on the clock. They are responsible for eating without interfering with work study schedules.

DO NOT STAND AROUND. Stay busy at all times.

Work & Learn students answer to student managers and Chris Fish.