Mass Communication Department

You may already have an interest in radio, TV, newspaper or film. You may already have an interest in broadcasting play-by-play accounts of sporting events or doing color commentary.

Do you want to gain additional knowledge about the real world of Mass Communication and receive plenty of personal hands-on training?

Come join the many students at Missouri Valley College exploring a career in the various fields of Mass Communication.

Want to be a radio Disc Jockey? Apply for a position as a live announcer on Valley’s radio station—KMVC 91.7 The V.

Want to produce or anchor your own television show, or direct a documentary? Broadcast students air shows on Windjammer Cable channel 3 and have documentaries screened at film festivals.

Want to write for publication? Sign up for the newspaper class and write for Missouri Valley College’s student newspaper The Delta.

Opportunities also are available for on-the-air broadcasting of the multitude of Missouri Valley College sporting events broadcast over the Viking Sports Network.

Are you ready to build a resume and portfolio that will make companies sit up and take notice?

Check out Missouri Valley College’s Department of Mass Communication.

Our interns have worked with CNN International and National Geographic.

Valley will roll and so will you as a graduate of the Missouri Valley College Department of Mass Communication.