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Missouri Valley College is located in the heart of some of the most productive agricultural land in the world, which is why a bachelor’s degree in agri-business makes perfect sense as part of the business division. Direct agricultural production of food and fuel and the related supporting industries comprise is a major part of the surrounding economy. A student interested in agriculture markets, natural resources, the environment or farm production would achieve an abundance of theoretical and applied knowledge by successfully completing the agri-business degree at Missouri Valley College.

Where could one use an Agri-Business degree?

According to the United States Department of Agriculture:

  • The agricultural, food, and renewable natural resources sectors of the U.S. economy will generate an estimated 54,400 annual openings for individuals with baccalaureate or higher degrees in food, renewable energy, and environmental specialties between 2010 and 2015. Seventy-four percent of the jobs are expected in business and science occupations; 15 percent in agriculture and forestry production; and 11 percent in education, communication, and governmental services.
  • During 2010–15, five percent more college graduates with expertise in agricultural and food systems, renewable energy, and the environment will be needed when compared to 2005-10. More than enough graduates will likely be available during the next couple of years in some occupations, but a shortfall of new graduates with preparation in priority business and science specialties is forecast in the latter half of the period.
  • The U.S. Department of Labor projects significant growth in selected food, renewable energy, and environment jobs during 2008-18 in the Monthly Labor Review published in November 2009.

Occupation - Percent Increase

Agricultural Inspectors 12.8 Management Analysts 23.9
Animal Scienctists 13.2 Market Research Analysts 28.1
Biochemists and Biophysicists 37.4 Natural Sciences Managers 15.5
Computer & Information Systems Managers 16.9 Pest Control Workers 15.3
Credit Analysts 15.0 Public Relations Specialists 24.0
Environmental Engineers 30.6 Recreation Workers 14.7
Environmental Scientists & Specialists including Health 27.9 Sales Manager 14.9
Financial Anaylsts 19.8 Soil & Plant Scientists 15.5
Food Scientists & Technologists 16.3 Technical Writers 18.2
Hydrologists 18.3 Veterinarians 33.0

Projected growth in these occupations is in tune with our nation's shift toward creating new businesses and jobs in local and regional food systems, capitalizing on climate change opportunities, developing renewable energy, and restoring and sustaining natural resources.

What is required of an Agri-Business Major at Missouri Valley College?

The major requirements in the 2012-2013 Missouri Valley College Catalog are:

  • Agri-Business Major: AG 1XX, AG 363, AG 373, AG 383, AG 393, and PH 307. An additional eight hours from the following biology courses: BI 210, BI 310, BI 323, BI 403, BI 332; also AC 210, AC 220, EC 206, EC 216, BA 212, BA 232, BA 282, CS 119, or 3 hours of Computer Science above that level, BA 302, BA 322, BA 324, BA 292, BA 432, EC 355, and BA 442.

Want more information about the MVC Agri-Business degree?

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