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A career in accounting is an exciting, challenging, and potentially lucrative choice for students who understand that working with financial data is more than just math, it's the language of business! Our rigorous program will prepare you with the analytical skills employers are looking for. An increasing demand for accounting majors promises a lifetime of job security coupled with an above average salary potential. Earn your degree in accounting at MVC with instructors who will work with you towards your success!

"The accounting program did a great job exposing me to the different accounting concentrations. From Auditing to Corporate Tax, the program contains a strong variety of accounting material which helped me determine where I wanted to go with my career."

Stefan Weinrich, 2015

Featured Alumni

Patsy Middleton graduated from Missouri Valley College in 2012 and went on to be a certified public accountant. She currently works as a consultant in the capital markets and accounting advisory service area for PricewaterhouseCoopers in Munich, Germany.

Patsy enjoys spending time with her family and friends, traveling, playing soccer, and exploring her new city with her husband and fellow MVC graduate, Carlos Arribas.

Kayla Merlot is an Associate 2 in Client Operations at State Street in Kansas City. State Street is a third party service provider to Institutional Investor. They can be found in 30 countries and are responsible for 11% of the worlds assets. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration with double emphasis in Marketing and Management from Missouri Valley College in Winter 2011.

Kayla's client is Goldman Sachs headquartered in Luxembourg. Currently she serves on the hedging team, responsible for processing all non-based trades. Her team works to make sure their funds stay in line with their client's investment strategies. They also calculate and disseminate daily NAVs and provide additional client reporting services. She works to prepare for share class launches and a multitude of month end reporting.

When not working she enjoys spending time with her husband Thomas, 2011 Valley alumni and current International Student Service Coordinator, and very active two year old daughter Lénora. She enjoys baking, traveling, and going to local sporting events.


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