Business Division

Welcome to the Business Division at Missouri Valley College. This division offers degrees which are highly valued in commerce, private enterprise and public administration. Accounting Economics and Finance are some of the preferred degrees to prepare for an MBA or Law School. Many of our students take a double major, giving them a one-two punch in the job market. The most common double majors are accounting and finance, finance and economics, also marketing and management. In management, we offer 3 concentrations; administration, sports management and small business management.

The Presidentís Office, the Development office, and the Business Division organizes and hosts the Maastricht Institute Of Entrepreneurship.

The faculty of this division bring both academic training and business experience to the classroom. The faculty is committed to the students' successful mastery of the tools and concepts used in business research and administration.

At the right side of this page, there are links which show the courses needed for the various major programs. Just below the majors are links to division faculty web pages. If you have any questions, feel free to contact any of the faculty or me.

Larry Stockman
Chair Business Division
(660) 831-4141
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