Viking Women's Volleyball Team

The women’s volleyball team at Missouri Valley College has an abundance of first-rate experiences to offer any individual. Like any college sport, it gives student athletes the chance to meet a vast range of people. This helps promote institutional involvement and high academic success. The four-year, liberal arts college also offers small class sizes and a wide range of majors. If quality education and being a member of a regionally ranked team fits your idea of a great college experience, you have come to the right place.

Along with unconditional support, the program offers students the chance to make a change in their own lives. High academic achievement is expected from each team member. The opportunity for extra tutoring or general help with classes is always available from teammates or the coach. Traveling can be a big factor in missing classes, but Missouri Valley is fortunate to have NAIA affiliated teams close to Marshall. This affords many opportunities to play ball accompanied by very little class time missed.

On behalf of Missouri Valley College and the women’s volleyball team, appreciates your taking the time to consider the institution as a means to further your education. As the coach, I personally hope that you will keep us in your thoughts and eventually choose to be a part of the Viking family.