Missouri Valley College Hall of Fame


Jerry Arnett
Class of 1997

Jerry attended Missouri Valley College from 1956 through 1959.  Although never a member of a sports team, Jerry was named by Coach Volney Ashford as an honorary member of the V-Club.

If there was a game, on campus or off, Jerry was there to lend his support to the team members.  Jerry has served for decades as both statistician and publicist for the efforts of the Missouri Valley College football team, and also announced sports ranging from baseball to track and field.

In the words of Missouri Valley College Hall of Famer Ted Chittwood, “Jerry has done for Missouri Valley College athletics than any players in any sport in this college’s history.”

Jerry currently serves as the Missouri Valley College Sports Information Director, where he has been employed since 1990.  Jerry has also worked for the Marshall Democrat-News as a sports writer and editor for 31 years.  Prior to that, Jerry served in the United States Navy for four years.

Jerry and his wife, Darlene live in Marshall and have three children, Chris, Eric, and Lisa, and have two grandchildren.