Missouri Valley College Hall of Fame


Everett Johnson

Class of 1976

Everett graduated from Missouri Valley College in 1925 where he earned four letters in football and was a charter member of the V-Club.  Everett was the captain of the 1923 football team that one the first M.C.A.U. championship along with an M.I.A.A. championship.

Following graduation Everett worked for the J.C. Penney Company from 1926 to 1951 working in Mexico (MO) and then becoming a store manager in Higginsville (MO) until his retirement.

In 1951 Everett became a business specialist in the government office of Price Stabilization in Kansas City, and worked under the direction of H, Roe Bartle, and is now a sales consultant for Paul K. Brooker Sales International.

Everett was very active in community projects in Higginsville serving as president of the school board and in several service charitable organizations.