Tryout Info and Requirements

Open Gyms

April 26th 1-4pm

We do individual and video tryouts at MVC. I like the one-on-one experience and feel as though I get a better impression of who you are as a person. Please email me to set up a time for a campus visit and tryout. I can also do video tryouts for people that are too far away to visit.


Competition Team

  • Double or triple pirouettes (Right and Left) with proper technique
  • A turn sequence (dancers choice) consisting of
    • At least one 8 count of turns in second
    • One double pirouette
    • Must end in a jump
  • Jumps – Level, Pointed Toes, Correct Execution
  • Strong motion placement and advanced understanding of dance technique
  • Three or more of the following
    • Disc jump
    • Calypso
    • Turning C jump
    • Firebird leap
    • Double axel (either side)
    • Switch side and/or center
    • Tilt or switch tilt jumps
    • Aerial
    • Walkovers (front or back)
    • Any other acrobatic/tumbling skills (ie, Back Handsprings, Head springs, any variation of flips)


Sideline Team

  • Single pirouette (Right and Left)
  • Strong motion placement and basic understanding of dance technique
  • Minimum of 90 degree kicks and at least level leaps/jumps

Both Teams

  • Dance/perform at home football and basketball games
  • NAIA Eligibility
  • Study Tables
  • Weights/Workouts
  • Desire to grow
  • Steady growth of ability and knowledge


Interested in being a Valley Girl? Fill out the prospective athlete questionnaire at or contact Coach Lyming at