MVC Viking Men's Basketball


In “OUR” eyes, “Valley Basketball” is something so special, words cannot begin to express it. It is a concept you must feel emotionally and physically. “Valley Basketball” should be something that comes through all the trials and tribulations the team experiences.

We see five players on the floor and many others who want to improve on a daily basis and have a burning desire to win. Every player is excited to experience being part of something BIGGER than themselves.

A “VIKING” understands that team success is far more important than any individual glory. Each team member must have his role, and learn to accept that role. We understand that roles may or may not change throughout the season. One thing must be understood: only you can change, not the role. There will always be roles; the question is “What role do you want to fill?”

A “VIKING” will do everything in a first-class manner. That manner will start with the way he looks, acts, speaks, and thinks on and off the floor. “YOUR ATTITUDE, DETERMINES YOUR ALTITUDE!” We do not stand for disruptive behavior. A “VIKING” respects each and every individual whether right, wrong, or indifferent. Our duty is to lead by example. We will all do that in a first-class manner.

A “VIKING” will always believe in his family members and the common goal we are all seeking. As “VIKINGS” we will all implement these concepts through hard work and dedication as a team and as a family.


For more information about Missouri Valley Men’s Basketball contact Head Coach Chad Lance at (660) 831-4189 or , or Assistant Coach Ramone Powell at (660) 831-4017 or .