Missouri Valley College Athletic Training Department

Athletic Training Department Injury and Education Information

Missouri Valley College Student Athletes:
Below is some general information on various topics of interest to athletes. All of the information on this page is from highly respected sources in the athlete healthcare community. The information on this webpage is intended for basic education and information purposes only. If you have a specific question about a topic please ask a member of the athletic training staff.

Informational Resources

  • ORTHOfilms is a website describing various common orthopedic injuries, including how they are evaluated and treated, basic surgery descriptions are included.
  • Korey Stringer Institute - The mission of Korey Stringer Institute is to provide first-rate information, resources, assistance, and advocacy for the promotion of prevention of sudden dealth in sport via health and safety initiatives.
  • STOP Sports Injuries - An initiative of the American Orthopedic Society for Sports Medicine to provide educational information to athletes, parents, coaches, and health care providers with the objective to reduce youth sports injuries.
  • MVC Behavioral Intervention Team - The Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) is comprised of key members of the Missouri Valley College community who work to support the well-being of students, faculty, and staff. Their focus is to provides prevention and intervention for students in distress or engaging in hamrful or disruptive behaviors. The BIT will provide the best possible care for our community by intervening and assisting these students in meeting their goals. The BIT will assess any and all behaviors of concern and recommend or take action in accordance with College policies and professional best practices.
  • Gatorade Sports Science Institute - Founded in 1985, the Gatorade Sports Science Institute (GSSI) is committed to helping athletes optimize their health and performance through research and education in hydration and nutrition science.
    GSSI scientists study the effects of nutrition on the human body before, during and after exercise. For more than two decades, hundreds of amateur, elite and professional athletes have participated in testing with GSSI and in studies with university research partners around the world. GSSI’s headquarter lab, mobile and satellite laboratories and on the field testing enable GSSI to do leading research with the aim to provide athletes with advice and products that help their performance and achieve their goals.
  • Centers For Disease Control Traumatic Brain Injury (Concussion) Information - Information includes topics such as: what a concussion is, how to prevent concussions, concussion treatment, concussion signs and symptoms, as well as training materials for health care providers, parents, students, and coaches.
  • The NCAA Sports Science Institute is a leading national effort to promote policies and develop educational materials that benefit the safety, excellence, and wellness of all athletes. The NCAA Sports Science Institute partners with schools, the public sector, and the Department of Defense for their efforts."