Viking Alumni Memories Shared

Stacey (Ahrens) Jemison

Graduating Class of 1997

NAIA Division II Women's Basketball Team, Monmouth, OR

Jim Davidson

Graduating Class of 1965

My four years at Valley was an experience that I will always cherish. The closeness of living in Young Hall with fellow students from all over the country and being able to have my meals in the basement of Young was a pleasant convenience. Attending a small school where I could communicate openly with my professors was a real plus, that wasn’t possible at the larger colleges. I became very close to Coach Redford who was like a second father to me and gave me the guidance I needed. The timing could not have been better for me personally as Valley started a baseball program my freshman year and allowed me to be a part of a very successful team for four years. Making many friends each year was so exciting and I loved campus life.I have a former classmate that I roomed with in Young that lives close by and I always look forward to visiting on my trips to Valley. I love to see the growth and the improvements that have taken place since my time as a student, and the excellent leadership that Dr. Humphrey is providing is a real plus. Campus is always so beautiful! I visit as often as I can. I like the direction that Valley is taking and I can see only good things happening in years to come.

Jennifer (Pontious) Thompson

Graduating Class of 1994

I have so many memories, however the best memory for me was when I pledged Alpha Xi Delta. When they say it's for life, it is so true. To this day I am still in contact with my sisters.

Russ Whyte

Graduating Class of 1965

1. Having many of the finest professors anyone could have. MeCallum, Rabe, Mathews, Wells, Banta, Tweito, Kirkpatrick, among many others. 2. Staying up most of the night building huge floats & house decks for homecoming. 3. Having to dress up for Wednesday night & Sunday noon meals. 4. Having to attend required chapel on Wednesdays. (Who can forget the "Cow Incident" on the Stewart Chapel steps?) 5. Having wonderful memories living in the ole' TKE house which was located where the Collins Science Center is located today. 6. Having been a member of the 1962 championship baseball team & having the team inducted to the Valley Athletic Hall of Fame in 2012. 7. Meeting my wife of 49 years at a TKE social in February 1962

Brenda (Ledgerwood) Randolph

Graduating Class of 1979

Meeting the man of my dreams! My future husband. Homecoming candidate 1978.

Trista Marquand

Graduating Class of 2014

With every new class came a new adventure. Getting to know the professors and students was my favorite memory.