MUSIC SCholarships

Who may audition?

Music auditions are available for students that wish to major or minor in music, music composition, or music education, as well as students wishing to participate in performance ensembles.

*Scholarships are based in part on a students participation in Concert Choir, Valley Voices, Valley Connection, Jazz Ensemble, Concert Band, or Drumline.

How do I request a music audition?

Students may request a music audition at Open House and on the Honors Scholars Competition RSVP forms.

What should I prepare?

Please prepare a 2-minute selection that showcases your level of competency in technique and expression. It is recommended that students prepare something in Classical, Broadway, or Jazz literature (not pop, rock, country, etc.). Also must submit a letter of recommendation from one of your teachers.

Will I have the opportunity to practice before my audition?

Students will be assigned a practice room in the music building and a 10-minute time slot for warming up.

May my parents sit in the audition?

No. The Music Department holds closed auditions. For questions regarding the audition process, please contact your admission counselor.

How long will the actual audition be?

Students will be assigned a 5-minute time slot in which to audition.

When should I check in for my audition?

Students wishing to audition during the Open House must be checked in at the start of the Open House. During the Honors Scholars Competition, check-in will be Friday, January 24, 2014 between 11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

Please click here for more information about the Missouri Valley College Music Department.

**For further information, contact: Diana Malan, (660) 831.4215 or Ron Montgomery.