Writing Across the Curriculum

At Missouri Valley College

The Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) program at Missouri Valley College promotes student success by facilitating the teaching and learning of effective written communicaiton skills. The WAC program is coordinated by Dr. Dave Reinheimer and the Writing Across the Curriculum committee.

For Students

All Missouri Valley College students are required to take a Writing Intensive course as part of the General Education curriculum. Writing Intensive courses are taught in the various disciplines at MVC to provide students with opportunities to develop discipline-specific writing skills critical to academic and professional success.

In addition, the WAC program works with other campus offices, such as the Learning Center, to support and encourage excellent student writing.

For Faculty

The WAC program supports effective instruction by providing faculty with professional development workshops and individual consultation. Faculty workshops are offered twice a semester on a range of topics such as pedagogical theory and practice and effective assessment practices.

In addition, the WAC program consults with faculty on an individual basis to address specific issues and challenges arising from classroom experiences.

For further information, faculty should contact the WAC coordinator, .

Writing Across the Curriculum Committee

, Coordinator
(Division of Fine Arts)
(Division of Languages and Humanities)
(Division of Communications)
(Division of Math & Science)
(Division of Business)
(Learning Center)
(Nursing and Health Sciences)
(Division of Social Science)
(Division of Education)