Initial Internship Application Process - All Majors

Internship applicants must be in their final year of academic study. However, on occasion there may be an exception to this rule. Students must contact their academic advisor or program summary for specific requirements.

Once the application is received by the Division Dean/Chair, they will review it and refer the student to a faculty internship supervisor. The student will then need to set up an appointment with the faculty supervisor.

Student Internship Contract
Once the student has met with the faculty supervisor, they will need to complete the Student Internship Contract and submit it to the faculty supervisor for final approval.

The student must work with their faculty supervisor to identify appropriate learning outcomes for their internship experience. They must also list all activities and projects for meeting these objectives.

NOTE: International Student Application
International students need to complete all of the internship paperwork indicated above, but will also need to meet some additional requirements so that they may receive full credit for internships done in the USA and not jeopardize their status. International students must meet with the designated school official (DSO) for international students to make sure that this process is complete before being allowed to start their internship. In order to ensure that international students complete the paperwork, it will be necessary to obtain the appropriate signature of the DSO on the application form.

For more information regarding internships, please read the Internship Handbook and contact your faculty advisor.