Mission Statement

The mission of the Internship Program at Missouri Valley College is to provide students a means to integrate academic theories and principles with practical job experience through cooperative education in a real-world setting, thereby reinforcing and expanding classroom learning while preparing students for postgraduate employment or coutinuing education.


  • 1. To ensure that students have access to and include experiential learning courses in their academic programs to apply course content and gain relevant academic, personal and professional knowledge, skills, and attitudes they need to become work-ready and civically engaged citizens upon graduation.
  • 2. Build strong partnerships with employers and community partners to produce strong learning environments for students while meeting workforce development needs.

Internships are culminating experiences associated with course credit in which the student works in a temporary position with an emphasis on on-the-job training associated with their particular field of study. Student internships provide opporunities for students to gain experience in their field, apply what they have learned, and create a network of professional contacts.

An internship may be paid, unpaid or partially paid (in the form of a stipend).

Missouri Valley Internship Contact Hours/Credit Hour (minimum):

  • 1 credit hour = 50 contact hours
  • 2 credit hours = 100 contact hours
  • 3 credit hours = 150 contact hours
  • 4 or more = 50 contact hours/credit

Every major and division has a different requirement for internship credit hours available. Please contact your advisor or the Division Dean or Chair for more information.