Majoring in music requires an incredible amount of energy, focus and determination. In addition to your academic coursework, you’ll spend time practicing new talents, like learning to play a new instrument, and preparing for a performance. By the time you graduate you’ll be a pro at reading, arranging and understanding music. Our integrated curriculum encourages musical creativity and artistic expression that prepares you for teaching, graduate school or careers in music.  We offer three ensemble groups in both the choral and instrumental programs. Our musical groups are diverse in nature and provide a wide variety of opportunities, including solo and small group work.

Why a degree in Music from Missouri Valley?

Our program is structured to allow for an integrated approach to education, you will be encouraged to “step out of the box” and develop new areas of artistry. Our small class sizes,  personalized approach to education, and faculty that get to know you as an individual, are an important aspect of your educational experience. Whether you are planning to major or minor in music, or whether you plan to major in another area but want to continue using your musical talents, you qualify to receive a Fine Arts Scholarship in vocal or instrumental music. Interested students will need to perform a vocal or instrumental selection which best demonstrates their musical abilities and interests. We encourage you to audition in person, however, if you are unable to we can arrange a digital audition.

Career Possibilities

  • Teaching
  • Arranging Music
  • Agent for Musical Act
  • Audio Engineer
  • Private Vocal or Instrumental Coach
  • Performer

Graduate Program Possibilities

  • Fine Arts
  • Music

Courses & Concentrations

Degree in Music

The bachelor’s degree in music is designed for students who want a broader music curriculum. Choose this program if you want to focus on performance, composition, conducting, other music related careers, graduate school, or if you’d like to double major. Music majors are required to participate in a music ensemble every semester. The program requires 48 hours of coursework.

Degree in Music Education

The music education major is designed for students who want to teach grades K-12 music in the public school setting. In addition to the required music courses, you must complete the professional education courses listed in the college catalog. All music education students must pass a piano proficiency exam.

Choral Certification

The choral certification requires additional coursework in choral techniques, literature and arranging. You’ll learn the practical aspects of score preparation, choral concert programming, and study the necessary skills needed for arranging music for choral ensembles in various styles of accompanied and unaccompanied music. You may obtain an instrumental certificate by taking an additional 14 hours in the instrumental certification area.

Instrumental Certification

The instrumental certification focuses on teaching you the fundamentals of playing and teaching a number of instruments including stringed, percussion, woodwinds and brass. You’ll also learn techniques in instrumental arranging, and get hands-on experience through short writing projects for choirs, bands and orchestras. Instrumental students may obtain a choral certificate by taking an additional 14 hours in the choral certification area.

Minor in Music

Our minor program is designed for students who want a basic understanding of music theory and appreciation. You will develop proficiency in piano playing, taking the same piano classes as students majoring in music. This basic knowledge of music concepts is helpful if you’re interested in careers in businesses relating to music. It can also be valuable if you simply desire a creative outlet. Coursework includes 22 hours of the music curriculum including applied lessons, ensemble work and upper division hours.

Admissions & Scholarships

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Kristine Poulsen
Instructor of Instrumental Music
Study Abroad Coordinator
Ryan Hampton
Assistant Professor of Vocal Music
Dr. Alexandros Fragiskatos
Assistant Professor of Instrumental Music

Music Beyond the Classroom

Concert Band
Concert Band is open to all students who wish to continue experiencing instrumental music following high school. The band plays traditional literature for concert band ranging from grade three to five.
Jazz Ensemble
Jazz Ensemble is open to all students who wish to continue experiencing instrumental music following high school and who enjoy playing and studying the jazz band format of music. The group performs concerts throughout the year on and off campus, including the annual jazz festival held at MVC in January, and some of the jazz festivals held in Missouri.
Drumline performs at home football games and sometimes travels to support the football team at post season playoffs. The Drumline consists of four brass drums, four cymbals, eight snares and three quads. The group also includes brass and woodwind players in a pep band setting. Performances at area middle and high schools are a highlight of the season.
MVC Concert Choir
The Concert Choir is a choral group that is open to all interested MVC students. The group studies and performs a variety of musical styles including foreign language, concert/festival, Broadway, gospel, and pop. Opportunities for solo and small group work are available through this group. The group performs for a variety of events throughout the school year.
Valley Connection Show Choir
Valley Connection is a choreographed, show-style vocal group. Auditions are required and take place at the beginning of the year and a year commitment is preferred. Valley Connection is open to interested MVC students of all majors. The group focuses on Broadway, pop and novelty styles of music. They perform throughout the school year for a variety of events on and off campus. Some places the group has been invited to perform include Disney World, Universal Studios, Six Flags, Carnival Cruise Ship and Nassau Bahamas. The group takes a performance trip every other year.
Valley Voices
Valley Voices is an auditioned vocal ensemble made up of members from the Concert Choir. The repertoire for the group is chosen based on the makeup, abilities and interests of the group. The size of the group varies from year to year and is determined by auditions, which are held in the fall of the school year.

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