General Education Program

Missouri Valley College


To inspire lifelong learning through the study of the liberal arts and sciences, the general education program provides the opportunity for students to hone their skills of intellectual inquiry, to gain knowledge of the world and its cultures, and to apply that knowledge to their personal and social lives.

Learning Outcomes

Intellectual and practical skills

  • Demonstrate effective communication skills
  • Exercise inquiry, critical, and creative thinking skills
  • Access and critically use various information sources
  • Demonstrate teamwork and problem solving
  • Understand and effectively use quantitative information

Personal and social responsibility

  • Strengthen the foundation and skills for life-long learning
  • Develop and apply personal and social ethics
  • Exhibit multicultural knowledge and sensitivity
  • Comprehend the interdependence between the global and the local
  • Understand the fundamentals of leadership and service
  • Develop civic knowledge and engagement
  • Demonstrate awareness of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle

Integrative and applied learning

  • Apply learning to new settings and complex problems
  • Demonstrate curiosity, imagination, and creativity
  • Comprehend the interrelatedness of various disciplines

Knowledge of human cultures and the physical and natural world

  • Know and understand the basic concepts of the physical and natural world
  • Understand the diverse methodologies of the sciences, humanities, and the arts
  • Engage contemporary and enduring questions of human concern
  • Understand how societies and cultures evolve
  • Articulate the significance of the arts and the creative process