Murrell Library Built in 1928

Murrell Library offers both tradition and technology. Its coffee bar is a favorite with students and staff. The building boasts a friendly, helpful staff, a computer lab, a wireless computer lab, and other technology resources that allow students, staff and faculty access to over 20 million books, 9,400 e-books, and over 40 electronic databases containing thousands of journal, magazine, and newspaper articles.

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On the north side of the quadrangle stands the main library, built with a gift of $85,000 from Leonard Murrell, a trustee, and named in honor of his father, George A. Murrell, of Marshall. The sum had originally been bequeathed to build a hospital, but when Dr. John R. Fitzgibbon also willed money for a hospital, the court allowed Murrell’s bequest to be used to erect a library on the campus. It was dedicated on November 27, 1928. The collection of approximately 73,000 printed documents is augmented by 9,000 e-books, over 40 on-line databases, other multimedia materials, research via the Internet, and interlibrary loan access to more than 17 million documents through the Missouri Bibliographic Information User System (MOBIUS) Common Library Platform. Students can borrow books from other college and university libraries in Missouri from their computer screens.

Doors on the east entrance open onto a beautiful hallway featuring an ornate chandelier donated by Friends of the Marshall Libraries. It hangs over the Professors Hall of Fame. The library’s interior has recently been refurbished with new carpeting and tile, painted in soft colors, and furnished with plush furniture. It contains, in addition to the stacks, a large reading room, a multimedia room, offices, private study areas, a computer lab, and a popular coffee bar and study lounge where small classes may meet. With such pleasing learning environments, library utilization has more than doubled.