Collins Science Center - Built in 1965

On the southeast corner of the quadrangle is the Collins Science Center, named in honor of former President M. Earle Collins, which houses the Division of Math and Science. Built with generous donations from Grover M. Hermann of the Martin Marietta Corporation, the Ralph L. Smith Foundation, and other friends of the College, it contains faculty offices, computer labs, classrooms, and laboratories for biology, chemistry, physics, and archaeology.

Through the front doors up the staircase on the top floor stands the skeleton of a horse. Down the hallway in Room 201 is one of the newly renovated laboratories made possible by a gift of $30,000 from Dr. Lloyd Brown and his wife Iris.

Interestingly, original plans for the building lacked a basement, but Professor Ed Leslie redrew the design to convert the crawl space to a full basement, thus adding 7,000 square feet of instructional space. Then in 1990 he coordinated a thorough renovation. Students and faculty pitched in to help the staff with painting, hanging a new ceiling, and other chores.

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