Blosser Program

The Blosser Program is the effort of Missouri Valley College to give students the opportunity of a four year college or university and give them a strong foundational start to a college career. The program is centered on learning and establishing a foundation to succeed in college life and academics by providing educational support to acclimate students to an academic experience and emotional support to assist them in adjusting to new surroundings.

The Blosser Program at MVC provides selected students the opportunity to achieve their academic goals by way of a structured learning environment. As part of this program, you can expect to take part in the following:

    -Female housing on campus
    Weekly in-house study sessions (on campus)

    -Male housing in the historic Blosser Residence Hall (located one mile off-campus)
    Transportation to and from campus via the Blosser Shuttle (if needed)
    Weekly in-house study sessions (conveniently located within the Blosser Residence Hall)

    -Weekly study sessions in the Learning Center (on campus)
    -Monitored academic progress and attendance (maintained by the Student Success Center and Blosser Coordinator)
    -Participation in a Service Project each semester
    -Access to all campus facilities, amenities and events

Male Blosser Contract
Female Blosser Contract
Blosser Laptop/Tablet/Chromebook contract

Should you take advantage of all it has to offer, this most valuable education program will prove to be a great asset to your future success.
For more information call Admissions office at 660-831-4114 or Jada Hollinshead, Blosser Academic Coordinator at 660-831-4638.