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Sarah Berkeley - DATA BLACKOUT

March 12 - May 5, 2018

Morris Gallery of Contemporary Art

Stephen Watson

Stephen Watson

Stephen Watson is a multi-disciplinary conceptual sculptor and an Assistant of Art at Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama. He received his B.A. from Williams Baptist College and M.F.A. from The University of Alabama.

About his upcoming show in the Morris Gallery, Stephen says: "Painting with spices is visually, texturally, and aromatically enthralling. The powders puff and pile, and the herbs whisper and crunch. Their fragrances mingle in the air and create warm tones that are simultaneously nostalgic and exotic. The spice paintings are delicious, decorative, and alluring; however...

...they are fragile. The spices rest loosely on the earth, unfixed and unprotected. They are lowly and vulnerable, and consumable by wind and breath, finger and foot. They are constructed on site, deteriorate in time, and are destroyed after the exhibition. I animate the dust, and then watch it fade away.

The concentric designs and dense patterns of the spice paintings highlight the locations they occupy, like pins on a map. They are my tracks, my trail, and my scent. They are concentrations and remnants of my presence, marking places where I sat, worked, created, and believed. They are temporary evidence that I was here and there, and they are physical reminders of the unseen things I also hope to leave behind.