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January 8 - March 2, 2018
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Morris Gallery of Contemporary Art

Noah Buchanan

Noah Buchanan

Noah Buchanan was born in 1976 and raised in coastal California. In 1994, he began his artistic studies at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts where he studied classical painting and drawing as well as extensive studies in human anatomy. He received a Bachelor of Arts in 2000 from University of California, Santa Cruz where he studied closely under Frank Galuszka. In 2002, he received a Masters of Fine Arts from the New York Academy of Art where he studied with Martha Erlebacher, Steven Assael and Vincent Desiderio.
Noah has received a number of awards and 4 Individual Artist Grants; the Stobart Foundation Grant, the Posey Foundation Award, the Stacey Award as well as the Sugarman Award. Other noteworthy awards include the Congressional Art Award and the Chancellor's Award, University of California at Santa Cruz. Noah Buchanan has participated in exhibitions in New York, Pennsylvania and California. He has exhibited internationally in London and Aberdeen, Scotland. His paintings and drawings are featured in private and public collections throughout the United States. The artist shows with John Pence Gallery in San Francisco. He teaches painting and drawing at several colleges in the San Francisco Bay Area, New York City and Los Angeles. His work is based in the academic tradition of the figure, and favors themes of the mythic, symbolic and heroic. He is primarily interested in depicting the human figure as an anatomical event, which houses the spirit of the human