The 9th Annual
Maastricht Institute of Entrepreneurship

at Missouri Valley College Campus
April 27-29, 2015

Dr. Sean Siebert

Founder, CEO, Invent Yourself, LLC

Dr. Sean Siebert is the founder and CEO of Invent Yourself, LLC, a strategic management company. Invent Yourself embraces a unique philosophical approach to job creation. Through its philosophy, the organization is creating a culture of entrepreneurship rather than a competition amongst entrepreneurs. Invent Yourself embraces the concept of competition through collaboration. Through this mindset, and the use of a developed and tested entrepreneurial ecosystem model, it is re-inventing the process of job creation in metropolitan, rural and underserved communities across the United States. The developed model binds educational institutions (secondary, higher) to economic development through entrepreneurship and innovation.

For the past two years, Dr. Siebert has served as task force chair for #BOOM and the #BOOM Pitch Competition. #BOOM is an innovative platform designed to bring forward thinking companies, entrepreneurs, eminent business personalities, investors, students, and academicians together to share their entrepreneurial endeavors and experiences. #BOOM's Regional Economic Development Inc.'s annual Entrepreneurship Summit are the flagship events of innovation for mid-Missouri. "Unofficially," #BOOM has been quantified as the largest entrepreneurial summit in the State of Missouri. The #BOOM Pitch Competition includes one of the largest, in-state entrepreneurial consortiums of education in the United States. "Officially," the #BOOM Pitch Competition has been quantified as the largest pitch competition in the State of Missouri.

Dr. Siebert has served as faculty at Columbia College, Columbia, Mo.; William Woods University, Fulton, Mo.; and the University of Missouri, Columbia, Mo.

Dr. Siebert holds a bachelor's degree from the University of Missouri, a master's degree from William Woods University, and a doctorate degree from Webster University.

Dr. Siebert has made research contributions in several areas of business and management. He has given many lectures and presentations regarding management theory and has been published in numerous publications including The Huffington Post, UP Global, The Wall Street Journal Online, and the Missouri Department of Economic Development. His current research interests include: accelerated growth business models, start-up business models and the sustainability of entrepreneurial ecosystem models.

Sean and his wife, Myra are the proud parents of three children: Simon, Kora, and Silas.