The 6th Annual
Maastricht Institute of Entrepreneurship

at Missouri Valley College Campus
March 26-28, 2012

Dr. Gert PoppeDr. Gert Poppe

Senior lecturer in entrepreneurship
   at Maastricht University
Maastricht, the Netherlands

Dr. Poppe studied physics at the University of Antwerp and received his Ph.D. from Twente University. After working for DSM Research for a number of years he became a consultant and team coach in creativity and innovation.

Dr. Poppe is a senior lecturer at Maastricht University, he joined the Maastricht Center for Entrepreneurship in July 2009. He has extensive experience in helping companies and individuals expand their creative and entrepreneurial skills. He is particularly interested in the interface between universities and business, and what both parties could do together to boost innovation. Along with his teaching duties, Dr. Poppe is responsible for the “Inspire” activities of the Centre that are meant to bring students and entrepreneurs together.

Dr. Poppe is also the owner of CuinQ Consulting, and he gives workshops on the relation between entrepreneurship, business, and jazz-music. He also wrote a book, “The Improvising Organisation” (in Dutch) on that topic.