The 5th Annual Maastricht Institute of Entrepreneurship

at Missouri Valley College Campus
April 11-13, 2011

E.J. Narcise '81
Founder/CEO, Team Services, LLC • Glenwood, Maryland

William Welter '66
Owner, Welter and Associates • Las Vegas, Nevada

Judy Redlich '74
Manager, Joni and Friends Getaway • St. Louis, Missouri

Ben Wesly
President & CEO, Xelat Group • Maastricht, the Netherlands

Rocky Reininger '73
Managing Director, Real Growth Funding • Thousand Oaks, California

Ratana Tshibanda
Founder, RT Productions, LLC
Kansas City, Missouri

Maikel Beerens
Founder of Xilloc Medical • Maastricht, the Netherlands

Mitch Maurits, MSc.
Starting Entrepreneur in tech web and research • Maastricht, the Netherlands

Wynand Bodewes
Senior Lecturer in Entrepreneurship at Maastricht University • Maastricht, the Netherlands

Dane Miller
Co-founder, board member, and former CEO, Biomet, Inc. • Warsaw, Indiana

Audio Interviews

Ian Gray interviews E.J. Narcise

Toray Henry interviews William Welter

Allison Student interviews Judy Redlich

Jessica Gates interviews Ratana Tshibanda

Jordan Nichols interviews Rocky Reininger