Printing Policy

Students must have funds in their printing account in order to print to a campus printer. Money can be deposited in $1.00 increments up to a maximum of $5.00.

Every student starts out with a balance of $20.00 each semester. As a student prints, funds are withdrawn from their printing acount at the following rate:

  • .10 cents per page for black and white
  • .25 cents per page for color (Color printers available in Murrell Library, Science Center G13, Mass Communication Lab)

Before a print job is sent to the printer, a pop-up box will appear letting the student know the prices per page for each printer.

After the print job has been sent to the printer, a pop-up box will appear with the result. If there are not enough funds available, this will be displayed in the pop-up box and the print job will be discarded.

A student can check the balance of his or her print account at any moment by clicking on the Viking head icon which is located on the bottom right corner of the computer screen, next to the clock.

Money can be deposited into student printing accounts in the following locations:

  • Business Office
  • Murrell Library
  • Teacher Education Libarary
  • Learning Center
  • School of Nursing

No refunds are made. Once a student deposits money, that money cannot be taken out.