Dr. Sarah MacDonald

Assistant Professor of Biologoy and Botany
Science Center Room 114

Sarah J. MacDonald received her B.S. in Plant Science from Purdue University in Sarah MacDonaldWest Lafayette, Indiana in 1999; and a Ph.D. from Michigan State University in Lansing Michigan in 2006. MacDonald is also a member of the American Association of Plant Biologists. Much of her graduate work was supported by the USDA National Needs Fellowship for Agricultural Biotechnology, Michigan State University.

Her research interests include phytoremediation of organic contaminants and genetic manipulation of plants for improved plant-assisted detoxification of hydrophobic contaminants. Her teaching interests include the areas of biology, botany, plant taxonomy, dendrology and biochemistry, especially in the use of online and multimedia applications for such subjects. She also retains a special interest in training students in understanding the ethical, social and scientific implications of the creation and application of genetically modified crop plants.