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Scholarships for English Majors at Missouri Valley College

Missouri Valley College offers two four-year scholarships for incoming English majors with a composite ACT score of 21 or higher (and/or SAT Critical Reading and Math score of 976 or higher) and a high school GPA of 3.0 or higher. Selection of scholarship recipients is based on an essay, test scores, and high school GPA and is contingent on majoring in English.

The Virginia Zank Scholarship (Writing Studies) $10,000
The Loren Gruber Scholarship (Literary Studies) $10,000

To Apply:
The Virginia Zank Scholarship: Submit a 500-word essay describing your relationship to writing. What do you write? Why do you write? What are your writing goals for college? What are your writing goals after college? How will the Virginia Zank Scholarship help you achieve your goals?

The Loren Gruber Scholarship: Submit a 500-word essay about your favorite book, blog, poem, play, essay, or film. Explain how this text has influenced your goals for life before, during, and after college. How will the Loren Gruber Scholarship help you achieve your goals?

Submit your essay to Dr. Claire Schmidt (schmidtc@moval.edu) in .pdf format. Scholarship applications are due by midnight on Wednesday, February 15.

To apply for an MVC scholarship, you must also complete the application for admission and be admitted to the college. Your file will be evaluated and the Admissions Office will notify you of your award in writing. A student is limited to scholarships not to exceed the cost of attendance. It is the student's responsibility to inform the Office of Admissions of increased scholarship eligiblity. In most cases, institutional scholarships may not be combined. If a student is eligible for more than one award, the Admissions Office will offer the highest of the awards to the student. Missouri Valley College reserves the right to change scholarship amounts.

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