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English major Flannery Crump and fellow MVC students on Summer Study Abroad program in London

English Program

The English program at Missouri Valley College develops essential, portable, relevant skills demanded by 21st-century employers around the world. As you study writing and literature, you hone skills in written and verbal communication, research, and critical thinking. Our graduates practice independent critical thought and project-based teamwork, developing abilities in problem-solving, decision-making, organization, prioritization, and information processing.

Employers want well-rounded people capable of organizing, developing, and communicating abstract concepts --skills practiced every day in English classes. Employers demand new hires be strong communicators with an awareness of social and historical issues. Studying literature means studying people, culture, history, and conflict, and a well-read job applicant carries a full toolbox into a job interview.

English majors do very well in the 21st-century job market. An English major prepares the individual for a wide variety of career options, and so English majors find jobs in a wide variety of settings. Law schools prefer English majors because of the strong reading, writing, and critical thinking training they receive. English majors become doctors, psychologists, lobbyists, business owners, human resources managers, social workers, librarians, and activists. Many English majors go into public relations, marketing, and advertising; other English majors go into counseling, publishing, graphic design, sales, and personal training.

The English major/minor at MVC can be particularly valuable for international students. English is the language of the international business community, and the Writing Studies concentration within the English major prepares future international business leaders for successful careers.

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World Literature II students joining Kenyan-born actor and theatre scholar Lawrence Chiteri in the performance of Kenyan oral literature.