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Public Relations

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A Public Relations (PR) major equips students for exciting careers in a vast variety of jobs in many different areas and disciplines.

Public Relations Professionals
Although employment is projected to grow faster than average in the Public Relations field, especially as compared to other fields, keen competition is expected for entry-level jobs. This is according to the Occupational Outlook Handbook as researched by the U.S. Government. Opportunities should be best for college graduates who combine a degree in public relations, journalism, or other communication-related fields with a public relations internship or other related work experience.

This is the direction the Public Relations Program at Missouri Valley College encourages. For example, a double major in business and public relations, mass communication and public relations, English and public relations, or other combinations are recommended. You may also obtain a minor in public relations and combine that with one of the many majors offered.

Creativity, initiative and the ability to communicate effectively are essential for PR professionals.

An organization's reputation, profitability, and even its continued existence can depend on the degree to which its targeted "publics" support its goals and policies.

Public relations specialists-also referred to as communications specialists, media specialists, and PR practitioners-among other titles-serve as advocates for an organization. If you complete your PR degree you could work as an advocate for: businesses/corporations, nonprofit associations, universities, or hospitals, just to name a few.

Your job as well as your title and job description can vary, but one thing will be constant: you will be expected to build and maintain positive relationships with the public. Public relations professionals handle organizational functions such as media, community, consumer, industry, and governmental relations; political campaigns, interest-group representation, conflict mediation, and employee and investor relations.

As a student in the public relations program at Missouri Valley College, you will conduct what real world campaigns often. We try to make this a hands-on major. PR professionals must understand the attitudes and concerns of the community, consumer, employee, and public interest groups and establish and maintain cooperative relationships with them. PR professionals must gain the trust of the people they work with, the media they deal with and the public.

One of the things PR professionals do is draft press releases and contact people in the media who might print or broadcast their material. Many radio or television special reports, newspaper stories and magazine articles start at the desk of a public relations professional.

If you are interested in studying public relations at Missouri Valley College, contact Harry Carrell (carrellh@moval.edu) for more information.

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