Division of Communications, Humanities and Human Services

The Division of Communications, Humanities, and Human Services (CHHS, for short) offers a broad selection of programs that provide students with communication skills, critical thinking skills, and practical experience, skill sets that are critical to success in both graduate school and the workplace.

Our faculty bring a wide variety of academic experience and professional skills to the classroom. With small class sizes, our faculty are able to provide students with individualized instruction and opportunities for intellectual inquiry in areas that interest and benefit the student. In addition, our faculty offer students opportunities for leadership and experience by advising the Sigma Tau Delta and Alpha Chi honor societies, the Purple Patch literary magazine, and the Non-Profit Leadership Alliance.

In addition to courses in religion, philosophy, and foreign language, our division houses these degree programs:

Bachelor's Degree Programs

English offers concentrations in Literary Studies and Writing Studies, preparing the student for post-graduate opportunities ranging from education to law school. For more information, contact Dr. Claire Schmidt.

Intercultural Studies: With the growing need to understand and apply intercultural skills in our global culture, it is imperative that students enter the workforce with additional language tools, cultural adaptability awareness, and sensitivity to interacting with other cultures. Therefore, the Intercultural Studies program provides personal instruction to develop student awareness of skills needed to operate in a multicultural society. For more information, contact Ms. Susan Dittmer.

Interdisciplinary Studies provides the student with the opportunity to create an individualized program of study from two or three academic areas tailored to meet the student's personal post-graduate plans. For more information, contact Ms. Kelley McKay-Fuemmeler.

Mass Communication allows interested media students to concentrate in broadcast or journalism. For more information, contact Mr. Chaz Maddi III.

Non-Profit Management empowers students to positively impact their communities, locally and globally, as nonprofit management professionals. The program creates a personalized and diverse learning experience reflective of the principles and practices necessary for implementing positive social change within the nonprofit sector. For more information, contact Ms. Heather Troth.

Public Relations equips students to communicate as a professional liaison. For more information, contact Mr. Harry Carrell.

Speech Communication is a versatile study of communication within interpersonal interactions, businesses, and cultures. For more information, contact Ms. Susan Dittmer.

Associate's Degree Programs

Values and Society provides students with opportunities to examine how ethical theories and traditions may be used to address pressing issues in real world contexts. In addition to developing analytical and critical thinking skills relevant to a wide range of career fields, the degree also provides a good foundation for further study in philosophy or religion, or for graduate study, particularly seminary or law school. For more information, contact Dr. Christopher Libby.

Liberal Arts provides students with a general liberal arts curriculum that serves as a solid foundation for education and employment, and is easily transferrable to many institutions in Missouri. For more information, contact Dr. Dave Reinheimer.

Non-Degree Programs

English as a Second Language provides English language instruction for entering international students who lack academic English proficiency and prepares students to successfully perform college-level coursework in which English is the language of instruction. For more information, contact Dr. Aaron Johnson.